Sandblasting Hallīs

Sapi VIDEO Sandblasting- and Painting Hall

Sapi Sandblasting hall

Sapi Sand-Blasting Hallīs / Chamberīs for perfectly treated surfaces


SAPI Blasting Hallīs impress with their sophisticated technology and offer a full range of modern and environmentally friendly jet sandblasting technology. Sapi sandblasting halls are in the modular construction system precisely designed to our customer requirements and installed: The extremely low flat conveyor system īfor Blasting Mediaīs provides for the return of contaminated abrasive in the abrasive treatment plant is cleaned there and immediately returned to the sandblasting circuit. The Sapi-abrasive treatment with magnetic system separates and removes dirt and heel tables components from the contaminated abrasive. SANASA The wet suction filter or cartridge filters devices provide optimal ventilation and clear visibility in the sand-blasting hallīs.


Sapi offers his standard sandblasting hallīs program
also mobile sandblasting container.  Sapi estate for 40 years extensive experience in the shot blasting plant construction. Sapi is known far beyond the borders of Europe and provides world-leading sandblasting technology

Sapi sandblasting hallīs with working pit, rail way transport and SAPI flat conveyor system for all types of abrasive blasting-mediaīs operations such as sandblasting of heavy goods, such as vehicles emit easily from the bottom.


Sapi sandblasting hallīs can also used mobile lifts
be equipped to facilitate sandblasting for the sandblasting staff and much safer.


The Sapi bucket for sandblasting hallīs and sandblasting containerīs of all kinds, enough for 2 jet blower (sandblasters), in a stable, for sandblasting equipment particularly suitable quality. Elevator belt from 5 layers of plastic mesh in rotting design, with bolted steel cups.
The elevator head is the tensioning station and the drive motor. On the lower pulley speed monitoring of the bucket elevator is provided with stability indicator, so keep the bucket and possible upstream conveyors are in disorder. Generous service openings facilitate maintenance.



Schematic representation of our efficient abrasive flat conveyor system

The SAPI abrasives - flat conveyor system for blasting halls has a proven track record. It works smoothly with the lowest energy costs. The low installation depth from 130 mm including shelves also enables an easy retrofit into any sand for sandblasting. The installation on an existing indoor floor beam is no or little foundation - can work. The beam will be transported by means of flat conveyor system on the abrasive-bucket for subsequent blasting treatment and falls back to the cleaning of the jet fluid reservoir and is introduced directly into the pressure jet boiler and blasting circuit is obtained by continuously maintained.


Sapi Propekt over sand-blasting halls, blast rooms, abrasive blasting and container recycling systems

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