Basic Sandblasting- Equipment`s & Device´s

Sandblasting Device  "MAMMUT"

*Sapi Sandblasting Technology " The Original*



Mammut Sandblasting-Device´s with

Safty-Control-Equipmen PDF-Datei [966 KB]

For each application the right pressure sand-blasting devices & equipment`s. Performance and reliability fulû  l all actual valid safety regulations. The equipment´s high quality standard, the fast service and a well trained competent personnel makes sure that SAPI customers can trust in the perfect technique and long time proven know how .

SAPI sandblasting devices are suitable for all commercial blasting materials for dry, moist or wet applications.

sandblasting tank or vessel is tested up to 12 bar by the German TÜV organisation. Upon request we supply you with the TÜV  test
documentation. The delivery volume includes the pressure vessel with crane rings, maintenance opening, tubing, rubber
cone and cone-sealing, sandblasting material mixing-chamber, air-mix installation and undercarriage.


Mammut Druck-Strahlgeräte in allen Größen u. Ausführungen

Pressure-Sandblasting Device´s & Euipments:

Fassungsvermögen in Liter:      25     60     100      140        200

Gesamthöhe in mm:                   700   1130   1130   1360     1360
Kesseldurchmesser in mm:       300     360     490     490       600
Gesamtdurchmesser in mm:      500     700     900     900     1000
Gewicht in kg:                               40       60       75      100       140
Verrohrung:                                   1/2"      1"       1"      1/4"   1 1/4"




SAPI Quick stop safety-device (safe remote control device). Accidents occuring whenever the operator stumbles or falls down and
looses control over the blasting direction, is excluded.
When releasing the handle, the û  ow of abrasives stops

Prospekt Druck-Strahlgeräte [2,2 MB]

Sapi Sandblasting-Devices Brouchure PDF Strahlgeräte-Technik [2,2 MB]




Sapi Sandbalsting Devices and Sandbalsting Equipment´s

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