Painting Hall`s/ Chamber´s/Room´s/Cabinets

SAPI Painting rooms with modern equipment

Painting - hall´s and drying facilities are custom designed and implemented.

Painting / paint shops / Lackierräume and drying facilities

The new generation must meet higher standards than usual a few years ago. The consideration of new coating systems such as hydro coatings, polyurethane resin, epoxy zinc-rich epoxy or metallic gray color makes high demands on a in-ripened varnishing system solution.


An important criterion is the workpiece transport for painting and finishing. Our engineers offer expert advice. Whether overspray dry deposition or wet washing, humidifiers humidification or air drying, condensation drying in the temperature process low-temperature or hot-air drying, whether pre-treatment of workpieces by high-pressure washing with water flow in the circulatory system, or by compressed air -rays or wheel blast technology.


Walkthroughs: painting, paint shops and drying rooms, perfect for  painting, blasting with material handling and integrated on-and acceptance stations for sweepers

Transport system for painting and blasting halls

Conveyor system with intersections and points system for small parts up to 2000 KG


Paint spray vacuum system integreated in sealing on the top

Paint spray vacuum system integrated at the wall side

Horizontal and vertical lift movement controlable by workers, to spray the painting parts at the top.

Optional heating variations:

Oil burners, gas burner, combustion chamber heated indirectly via

Directly surface heated gas burner

Pump hot-water or elektrically

Unit to heat the paint booths with oil, gas burners or gas space directly with indirect combustion chamber. Pumps and electric hot water is also possible.

Well as heat recovery plate heat exchanger or Wärmeradist possible.

At higher solvent levels, we recommend activated charcoal filter in the exhaust.

Paining room technology

 - Solvent Cleaning using activated carbon filters TNV
- loading and Entfeuchtersystem (humidity control)
- Variable-frequency drives for energy conservation
- Programmable controller
- SAPI paint shops are made kundenspezifsch

To this end, our engineers are pleased with the council and deeds

Lack contribution container equippt with air-less pumps to supply the coating material to the painting chambers.

Heat recovery

Sapi VIDEO Sandblasting- and Painting Hall

Dia Show Sapi Painting Hall

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