Mobile Lacquering Container

Mobile lacquering container/lacquering room with crane
Please ask for a detailed offer regarding the dimensions of the lacquering container and the various types of equipment.
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SAPI mobile lacquering rooms
Pictures 1: lacquering container
The SAPI lacquering container 20 feet consists of a solid box-profile-frame with welded wall and ceiling sheets of steel sicken sheet including jack rings in the above corners. The floor is covered with lug pattern steel plates. Both door wings have integrated supply air grids with fine filter mats, one wing is an emergency exit door and has a sight window.

Bild 2: lacquering container 
The colour mist separator wall is placed in front of the rear wall and equipped with optimum, long-lasting multi-layer filter mats. The separator wall consists of a zinc coated housing, edged with guide plates incl. various elements for hanging and fixing for the filter mats. The EX proof filter extraction fan with driving motor is installed on an outside console on the rear wall.

Bild 3: lacquering container 
The EX proof ceiling and wall lamps each with two luminescent screen tubes provide an optimum illumination. EX proof infrared lamps can be installed to dry the lacquered parts. This is economic and shortens the drying time considerably.


Bild 4: lacquering container 
The joist with mechanic chain hoist, max. 1.5 m salient over the access door, is suitable for coupling a load of 500 kg. You can infeed the parts comfortabely and lacquer and dry them hanging on the chain hoist.

Bild 5: lacquering container
The electric control unit is mounted outside the container. with all necessary switches, contactors, red/green control lamps, emergency stop, main switch and fuse protection power supply via European plug. Additionally a magnetic valve can be installed to control the compressed air for lacquering.

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