Low-Pressure Sandblasting Devices

The Vario soft VORTEX CLEANING-TECHNOLOGY sets new benchmarks in speed and efficiency of surface-cleaning and restoration of monuments.
The Vario mildblasting-nozzle-technique sets new benchmarks in speed and efficiency of surface cleaning and restoration. The Vario mildblasting-nozzle-technique sets new benchmarks in speed
and efficiency of surface cleaning and restoration. Using the SAPI - Vario - mildblasting - nozzle - technique, you can choose bet-ween 3 sandblasting methods by using only one basic nozzle. So you can adapt your equipment quickly to the necessities of sandblasting, according to the surface to be cleaned and to every type of paint or incrustations which have to be removed. Changing the components of the basic nozzle, you can use it as a Vortex stream, flat stream or rond stream (Venturi-type) nozzle.

SAPI Low pressure cleaning technology for
  • Natural stone
  • Brick walls
  • Graffiti removal
  • Fire damage etc.
Three differnet cleaning methods
Vortex principle - Flat-fan principle - Venturi priniciple
  • gentle to the environment and object
  • usable for low-, medium- and high-pressure cleaning
  • cleans in dry-, humid- and wet-process
  • high performance
  • minimum in granulate material consumption





Variant 1: Vortex cleaning technique
the gentlest methode to clean delicate surfaces
The SAPI - Vortex jet method is working like a cyclone. A special part in
the nozzle brings in rotation the compressed air, which flows through the nozzle like in a cyclone. The particles of blasting material hit  the surfaces with low impact and clean it, while they are rotating above it. They are erasing and fine grinding the surface instead hitting it with high pressure, which saves it from damage. This principle works with different fine blasting materials, as stone powder, calcit, olevin etc., depending from the different surfaces which have to be treated. The Vortex-stream technique serves best, where you have to treat carefully very delicate surfaces.


Variant 2: Flat fan cleaning technique
cleaning most surfaces in the shortest time
A special nozzle head with flat flow channel widens the flow of pressured air and leads the particles of blasting material in a wide, flat stream onto the surface which has to be cleaned. So you can reach a high performance in square meterīs per hour. Depending from type and grain size of the blasting material you can get different cleaning results.


Variant 3: round jet cleaning technique (Venturi-like)
The classic technology for universal applications
The Venturi-roundjet technology accelerates the air-flow linear and forms
a cone-like air-flow. The particles of blasting material hit the surface  to be cleaned with a maximum speed and the abrasion effect is high. That`s why the Venturi - blasting technique shows its best results, when you have to remove coating of old paint or if you want to make surfaces rough, f.e. if you are treating concrete, steel or plaster surfaces.

Examples of use
Cleaning natural stone with the Vortex jet method and the SAPI VARIO mildblasting nozzle Removal of anti-fouling coating from boats Roof beam.
The SAPI VARIO mildblasting-nozzle-technique is best for the careful cleaning of buildings, walls and monuments, built of natural stone, bricks or concrete, for surfaces consisting of naturale stone, plaster, structural and sight concrete, wood, steel or other materials.. It cleans them efficiently and removes  incrustations, graffiti, organic and mineralic coatings etc.

Sapi Low pressure vortex cleaning technology

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