Injection Sandblasting Cabinet T-REX

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T-Rex Doppelpower Sandblasting Cabin

Injector- or pressure blasting process combined in one blasting cabin selec-table at push of a button ; Extremely robust, heavy loading capacity construc-tion (max. 500 Kg) with excellent section door front loading trough fork lift or crane; Pressure blasting vessel with pneumatically rotary pusher-vessel control; Highly efû  cient blasting work through low consumption of
compressed air and blasting material separator by Cyclone-cascade-pre

filter technology . The blasting heads are standard equipped with boron car-bide blasting nozzles. Installed Siemens-LOGO-SPS-Control; Addition of automatically options are possible. Using of 2 Pieces dust û  lter cartridges - each with 10 m² ûlter area = total filter area 20 m²; Light wear rubber lining in the blasting room; Installed pressure air-blow out gun for cleaning of the parts after the blasting work.


Technical Description: T-Rex Sandblasting Cabinet
Total outer dimensions:
Gesamthöhe/Total height:  2050 mm
Gesamtbreite/Total width:  1350 mm
Tiefe/Total depth:  1450 mm
Blasting room-inside dimensions:
Höhe/Height:  850 mm
Breite/Width:  1000 mm
Tiefe/Depth:  900 mm

Universal applicable Combi-Blasting cabin for economical,
highest efficiency work for all blasting operations
Suitable for all current types of blasting material
From practitioner developed highly robust Section door-system
for greatest durability and leak tightness.
Compact, transportable design with integrated û  lter unit
Extremely lightness, glare-free illumination of the blasting 
cabin-inside room
Optimum economical Price-/performance ratio


Afterfilter (Policefilter) for air re-circulation process, residual 
dust  < 2,0 mg/m³, Frequency controlled extraction
Automatic dustfilter-dedusting by Jet-dedusting via pressure 
air from separate pressure tank.
Extremely low power input (0,55 KW) through innovatively fan 
technology with highest air capacity
Portable under run construction by hand lift truck
Attached manual or automatic rotary table
Passing through openings for large material
Attached rotary basket 20 ltr capacity. Rotational speed  inûnitely
variable and adjustable blasting work time
Microblast-blasting unit for work of small and û  nest workpieces
mounted on the housing of the unit







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