Injection Sandblasting Cabinet Widder


Injection-Sandblasting Cabin 

Widder 70 / 100


Hand-Sandblasting Cabin Widder 70/100

We recommend the blasting cabin type Widder especially for
medium sized parts.
Complete ready  for operation with pressure reducer, water sepa-
rator, small blasting head with hard-metal nozzle, inclusive light-
ing, door safety switch, rubber roses, 1 pair of rubber gloves, on/
off foot switch.
Widder 100, Türöffnung rechts / door-opening right Art.-Nr. 9411.100
Small blasting-head with hard metal nozzle.
Air-consumption: 300 - 800 l / min.
Anti-blasting rubber lining prevents that the blasting Material is
beeing destryed by hitting on the cabin wall. There are blasting
material savings up to 50 %. The rubber lining has a noice reduc-
ing effect and gives a optimum

Widder  70  Art.-Nr. 9841.010
Widder 100  Art.-Nr. 9841.020



für Injektor-Strahlkabinen Widder 70 / 100



Technical Data:

Widder 70         

Widder 100

Total Height:

1,65 m 

1,65 m

Total Width:

0,75 m 

1,05 m


0,80 m 

0,80 m

Blasting Room:




0,60 m 

0,60 m


0,70 m 

1,00 m


0,60 m 

0,60 m


Useful Accessories: Swivel arm with blasting head-holder

We reserve the right of technical modiûcations
Air consumption from 300 l/min to 800 l/min
Air pressure from 2-12 bar
Loading capacity of the grating approx. 150 kg
Varnishing basic body: RAL 7035 light grey
Mounted parts: RAL 5018 turquoise blue 
Color options upon request and additional cost!
Charging at the right side
Electrical connection: 230 volt
Energy requirement: approx. 40 watt

Strahlkabinen-Prospekt [1,1 MB]


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