Injection Sandblasting Cabinet Büffel

Sapi Sandblasting Injection Cabinet´s


Injection-Sandblasting Cabinet 

Büffel 140 / 180


Hand-Sandblasting Cabinet´s Elch 140 / 180
The blasting cabin type Büffel is suitable for blasting heavy parts. Complete ready for operation with pressure reducer, water separator, large blasting head with boron carbide blasting nozzle, lighting, door safety switch, rubber
roses, 1 pair of rubber gloves, on/off foot switch.
Büffel 140 Art.-Nr. 9413.140
Büffel 180 Art.-Nr. 9413.180

Anti-blasting rubber lining
This lining prevents that the blasting material is being de-
stroyed needlessly at the cabin wall. There are blasting ma-
terial savings up to 50 %. The rubber lining also has a noise
reducing effect, while it s an optimum visibility inside the
blasting cabin.
Büffel 140 Art.-Nr. 9840.050
Büffel 180 Art.-Nr. 9841.060

Passing through openings on the side Ideal for large parts that have to be pushed through the cabin while blasting. Size: 30 cm x 30 cm, with rubber lining.



for Injection-Sandblasting Cabinet´s Büffel 140 / 180


Techncal Data:

Büffel 140

Büffel 180

total hight::

ca. 1.700 mm

ca. 1.800 mm

total width:

ca. 1.400 mm

ca. 1.800 mm


ca. 1000 mm

ca. 1.600 mm

Blasting room




ca. 900 mm

ca. 900 mm


ca. 1350 mm

ca. 1.750 mm


ca. 950 mm

ca. 1400 mm




We reserve the right of technical modiûcations
Air consumption from 600 l/min to 2000 l/min
Air pressure: from 2 - 12 bar
Loading capacity of the grating approx. 300 kg
Varnishing basic body: RAL 7035 light grey
mounted parts: RAL 5018 turquoise blue
Color options upon request and additional cost!
Charging over an angled front flap
Electrical connection: 230 volt

Sandblasting-Brochure [1,1 MB]

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