Dust Filter Devices for Sandblasting Cabins

Cartridge Filter system PC 1 / PC 2

Compact-filter system in a stable sheet steel housing, degreased, base coated and painted, with all necessary inspection openings equipped, with built in û lter cartridge for the highly efû cient loading undependable dust extraction (efficiency ration for fine dust particles up to 99,9 %). Permanet cleaning of the filter cartridges by fibration and air-pressure hit. Through the integrated reserve-û owing rebound chamber of the prefractionator most of the vacuumed dust particles are directly guided into the removable dust collection container.

PC 1 Art.-Nr. 9311.015
PC 2 Art.-Nr. 9311.025

PC 1 / 2 Cartridgefilter

PC 1 / 2 Cartridgefilter Inside

PC 1 / 2 Cartridgefilter

PC 1 / PC 2 Cartridge-filter

 Cartridge-filter 10 / 20  mē Filter area

Suction-Tube-connection 100 mm

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