Injection Sandblasting Cabins


SAPI Sandblasting- Cabinīs Cabinetīs stands for reliabillity, effectiveness and for perfect Surface Treatment.

On the following pages you will find our high quality and reliable sandblasting cabins / cabinetīs, proofen day by day under the hardest conditions. Indepently of the data all our sandblasting cabins have in common that they are universal applicable in the working as well as the blasting materials application. To achieve the optimum blasting result. We recommend for each SAPI cabin the ideal SAPI Filtersystem. Whatever blasting problem you have - we are at your disposal with our complete experience. 


The most important SAPI advantages our sandblasting cabinetīs in overview
- Generally applicable for: cleaning, derusting, de-scaling, hardening, burring, roughening,
  compacting and polishing
- Suitable for all blasting medium kinds
- Delivery is complete ready for operation
  with all necessary connections

"The Original Sandblasting Technology from Sapi*


Injection- and pressure sandblasting Cabinīs


Brief Description Sandblasting Cabinīs MM 2010

Brief Description Sapi Sandblasting Cabinīs / Cabintīs MM 2010
The new video clip shows our new high-pressure sand-blasting cabinīs / cabinetīs MM 2010 with abrasive media recycling system. Sapi has as first equipped a sandblasting cabinet with a flat-conveyer-system, as only large large sandblasting Hallīs or sandblasting containers itīs used. The abrasive flat conveyor system ensures a continuous abrasive feed via a side-mounted bucket and promotes dirty abrasive in cleaning cyclone and thus arrives again cleaned up of dust and dirt particles into the sandblasting device and thus stands for the next blast medium throughput available. The Sapi sandblasting cabinet program also includes injector sandblast cabinetīs, sandblasting containerīs sandblasting hallīs, pressure and injector sandblasting devices, injection-devices / Equipmentīs, personal protective equipment for sand-blaster as sandblasting helmets sandblasting masks, sandblasting clothing, sandblasting overall's, sandblasting hoses, sandblasting couplings, nozzle holders, sandblast-guns and all the sandblasting efficiently and economicaly.



Sandblasting Helmetīs New Generation of Sandblasting Helmetīs & Protection Clothīs for the safe Sand-Blasting Job

Pressure Sandblasting Devices Sapi Sandblasting equipoment`s & devices are reliable and world wide in use

Low-Pressure Devices Die "VARIO" Schonstrahl-Düsentechnik setzt neue Leistungsmaßstäbe in der Flächenleistung, Reinigungstechnik.

Injection-Sandblasting Devices

Vacuum-Sandblasting Devices Dust free sandblasting with Sapi Vaccum Devices

Injection Sandblasting Cabinīs Sapi pressure sandblasting cabinīs and cabinetīs available as injection-sandblasting cabinetīs and pressure sandblasting Cabinetīs

Pressure Sandblasting Cabins Pressure Sandblasting Cabins with Sand-Blastig-Recycling-System and high performance in application

Sandblasting Container Sapi Sandblasting Containerīs Rooms Hallīs Chamberīs Houseīs

Sandblasting Hallīs Sapi Sandblasting Hall`s Roomīs Chamberīs Houseīs

Painting Hall`s Chamberīs / Roomīs Modern high-tech Painting Hall`s/ Chamberīs/Roomīs/Cabinets

Mobile Lacquering Container Mobile lacquering container/lacquering room with crane Please ask for a detailed offer regarding the dimensions of the lacquering container and the various types of equipment. Call +49 9083 9615-0 for more information! SAPI mobile lacquering rooms

Accessories / Sandblasting Sanbblasting accessories: Sandblasting Nozzles - Sandblasting Tubes - Protection Clothes - Sandblasting Helemts, Sandblasting Gloves.

Dust Filters-Devices Dust Filters / Devices

Blasting Media Grit Blasting Media Grit



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